Are you looking for contractor in Baltimore that specializes in bathtub conversion? Native Sons, Inc. offers several different styles of bathtub conversions that are less expensive than a complete shower remodel. And just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean that you are stripped of options. We offer three different styles of tub conversions to suite your needs and taste. Plus, we are offering special deals on tub conversions until April 14th. Order your tub conversion today to save up to $600!

Wheelchair Access Shower Remodel

This remodel converts a bathtub to a wheelchair-accessible shower. After cutting out the front of the tub, an acrylic custom shower pan along with 3 surrounding walls are put in place. This package includes the demolition and disposal of all materials, a 30? x 60? shower pan, 30? x 60? x 72? shower surround, a new shower drain, new plumbing fixtures, 2 grab bars, and a wheelchair-accessible ramp. The final result is a safe and easy-to-use shower that is accessible by wheelchair.

bathroom remodel

Starting Price: $6,288.00

Notch Cut with Tempered Glass Doors

The Notch Cut Step conversion involves removing the front of your tub and sealing the edges, creating an open entrance to your shower. After creating a new entrance to your shower, we install a sophisticated shower door made of obscure tempered glass with a brushed nickel frame. Brushed nickel grab bars and a non-slip safety mat complete the set for a safe, modest, and stylish tub and shower.

shower remodel

Starting Price: $3,488.00

Notch Cut Step

Finally, our most affordable option is our Notch Cut Step. This basic conversion transforms your tub into a notch cut step tub and shower. We simply remove the front of the tub and seal the entrance, making and easily-accessible shower. We also provide a shower curtain and rod along with an 18? chrome grab bar and a non-slip bath mat. After just a few hours, you’ll be left with a brand new shower that allows you to bathe with dignity and ease.

notch cut bathtub

Starting Price: $1,775.00

Bathtub Conversion – Native Sons Home Services

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