Do you live in Baltimore MD and thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Contractors may have given you all sorts of estimates and you may be wondering what is actually a good deal for your project. Today, we’re here to help you better understanding the pricing breakdown for remodeling a kitchen. Continue reading as we shed light on the true costs of remodeling in Baltimore, MD. If you don’t think a kitchen remodel is feasible in your budget at the moment, look at changing some of the more important items such as the lighting, lighting can change the whole atmosphere and look of a room, look at sites such as that specialize in indoor and outdoor lighting.

Remodeling Costs in Maryland

In our other article, Renovation Costs in Maryland, we discuss what are realistic numbers to expect for your remodeling process for both kitchen and bathroom projects. These costs may be different in other locations, however. In those cases you should look for a local firm to help you. One example is that Hammerschmidt Mountain View home remodeling services provide a complete home rennovation or just a bathroom or kitchen remodel. If they are confident in more than one area in the home that can help. In this article, however, we will be focusing on taking a look at strictly kitchen remodeling costs including full kitchen remodels.

Cost Breakdown

According to a cost analyzer from Remodeling Magazine calculated that an average kitchen remodel in Baltimore costs $59,387, while a simpler kitchen renovation costs $29,482. We have included a chart with a cost breakdown below:

Cabinets and hardware $4,165
Banquette seating, table, curio cabinet $690
Granite counters and installation (stainless sink included) $2,850
Faucet $316
Tin Backsplash $312
Stainless double-oven gas range $1,973
Stainless French-door refrigerator, cabinet depth $3,000
Dishwasher with cabinet panel $660
Undercabinet LED task lighting $188
Two ceiling light fixtures $98
Paint and labor $230
Labor $15,000
TOTAL $29,482

Are There More Affordable Contractors?

You may be asking yourself, “Are there more affordable contractors out there?” The short answer is “yes”, however it is important to remember that you get what you pay for.

If a contractor is offering a steal on kitchen remodel, they will probably also be less experienced and not licensed. This could end up causing issues later down the road, such as insufficient plumbing, lighting issues, and electrical hazards.

Cheaper Remodels Typically Break Faster

It’s important to remember that you want your kitchen remodel to last as long as possible. Just like purchasing a car, it’s important to do your homework beforehand and select a car with a good track record that’s safe and reliable.

When finding a contractor, you want to look for the same things. If you go with an inexperienced contractor, you may be saving more money off the bat, however you could potentially spend tens of thousands more to fix issues from an inexperienced contractor may cause.

In addition, make sure that your contractor understands their product well. You’re best off spending a few extra bucks on nicer cabinets that are going to last longer.

Read Reviews Online

Every remodeling company should have a website, so be sure check out their website and see if they have any reviews from past clients. Better yet, check their reviews on Google, BBB, and social media platforms such as Facebook. The reason you want to check these third-party websites is because the contracting company can’t smudge reviews. Also, while you’re doing your homework, be sure to read the reviews and try to do your best to determine if they are legitimate or not.

At Native Sons, we take pride in each of our projects. That’s why we have several client testimonial videos on our website. Watch the video below from one of our happy clients!

Go With An Experienced Contractor That Specializes in Kitchen Remodeling

Remember to do your research before picking a contractor to remodel your bathroom. Finding a local company is also important that has a good track record.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we have been providing interior remodeling and kitchen remodeling services to clients all throughout Maryland. If you have any additional questions about your remodeling project before getting started, feel free to send us a message directly on our website or by giving us a call at (410) 788-5179. Our main office is located in Baltimore, MD, where we have a fully-staffed administrative team ready to answer any questions you may have!