While many homeowners remodel the bathroom to address necessary repairs, others choose to do so to improve the appearance of the space by looking at the Anzzi shower panels and picking one that would fit in best. No matter your motive, everyone must take the steps required to maintain a beautiful, clean bathroom. If you’ve recently completed a bathroom renovation, discover how you can keep it looking its best.

Talk to Your Contractor

Your new freestanding jacuzzi requires different care than the shower and tub combination you had in your previous bathroom. Talk to your contractor or designer about your new appliances and flooring materials, and learn more about their required maintenance. If you’re unsure of how to maintain your new showerhead, visit the manufacturer website for more information.

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Research Your New Technology

The biggest trend in contemporary bathroom design is technology integration. Whether you’ve invested in an intelligent toilet or an advanced digital shower, make sure to do your research before your first use. It’s not just important to clean the shower; homeowners must also regularly maintain and update their bathroom technology to ensure its effectiveness.

Register Warranty Appliances

Whenever you upgrade to new appliances, take a few minutes to register them on the manufacturer’s website. It’s a simple procedure and could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, down the line. Ensure that warranty covers your new luxury faucets before putting them to use.

bathroom remodel

Clean Regularly

A clean bathroom is a hygienic bathroom. If you can’t clean your bathroom regularly, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to handle it for you. Maintaining a clean bathroom is especially important during the humid months of a Maryland summer when mold and mildew grow most easily.

Before you scrub your new tile floors, ensure that you’re doing so correctly. Your contractor can suggest the best method of maintenance, including which tools to use and how frequently you should clean. To see the quality floor cleaning products that Bissell have to offer, see this page. Your newly renovated bathroom might exhibit all of the modern-day conveniences, but it still requires an old-fashioned cleaning.

Keep it Organized

Now that you have a sleek, up-to-date bathroom, make sure that it stays organized. Take advantage of your new storage tools, and introduce an organizational system that the entire family can follow. Designate a shelf for linens, a cabinet for cosmetics, and a drawer for hair products to ensure that the bathroom looks its best at all times. Assign a specific cupboard to each family member to decrease clutter and improve efficiency. It might also be a good idea to consider talking to a plumber norwood to better understand how to avoid damage to the water flow and pipes of your lovely new bathroom. This could reduce the risk of leaks in the long term, preventing water damage to your cupboards.

Needing Further Assistance?

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