Aging in Place – Optimizing Your Kitchen and Bathroom


What is “Aging in Place”? You may have started hearing the term “aging in place” thrown around by designers and builders when it comes to senior living design. But just what does this term mean? And how can you incorporate the idea into your own home design? Preparing for the Future Aging in place is […]

Bathtub Conversion Made Affordable


Are you looking for contractor in Baltimore that specializes in bathtub conversion? Native Sons, Inc. offers several different styles of bathtub conversions that are less expensive than a complete shower remodel. And just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean that you are stripped of options. We offer three different styles of tub conversions to suite your […]

A Notch Cut Tub is an Affordable Option for Seniors

You may have seen advertisements for specialty bathtubs built for seniors. These small tubs come with a built-in door and a seat. The senior steps into the bathtub, closes the door, and sits down while the tub fills with water. These types of tubs would be great for those who have to rely on in-home […]