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Showing off the importance of design to kitchen remodeling in Baltimore.

The Importance of Design to Kitchen Remodeling in Baltimore

The process of kitchen remodeling in Baltimore is a many-faceted one, requiring lots of steps and hard work to bring it from concept to beautifully finished product. Every project requires its own unique solutions to deliver an end result that is something special, but before a single tool is raised, a careful consideration has to be paid to design. The design of your kitchen remodel is the blueprint that guides the whole project. As such, it’s important to understand the elements that go into bringing a kitchen remodeling project in Baltimore to life.

Traffic Flow

While at first this may seem like a funny phrase removed from the design of your kitchen, it’s actually an incredibly important concept that informs how the kitchen feels and functions. Traffic flow refers to how a space provides ease-of-access and movement between parts of a room. One of the most common complaints clients bring to us at the start of their kitchen remodeling process is that the space is too cramped. Our philosophy is to work with you to rebuild your kitchen’s floor plan, allowing space for more guests, and ensure enhanced comfort when completing everyday tasks in the kitchen. This can involve any number of things, such as removing and reworking cabinetry, tearing down walls to open up the space, and removing kitchen bars that divide the room and limit access. A strong traffic flow is one of the most fundamental elements to making a kitchen feel inviting and like a place you can spend lots of time in.


Traffic flow isn’t the only design philosophy that makes a kitchen appealing. We all want to live in spaces that are beautiful to look at and match our personalities and tastes. Many clients that reach out to Native Sons for kitchen remodeling in Baltimore have outdated kitchens that haven’t aged well with the times and modern tastes. Our duty is to help realize your ideal kitchen and make it a reality. Some people choose to supply pictures of other kitchens that appeal to them, while many are simply content to describe to us what sorts of colors, materials, and patterns would make up their perfect kitchen. A great aspect of kitchen remodeling is the flexibility with which it can be designed, meaning something for tastes of all kinds can be realized.


Of course, what’s a beautiful kitchen without functionality? The amenities afforded to your kitchen remodel are extremely customizable, matched only by your space and budget. Your appliances and similar features define how you’ll use your kitchen. Increasingly, tech has become a prevalent force in the kitchen, from hands free faucets to smart fridges that send you a text when you’re running low on milk. While these pricier features may on satisfy a niche right now, other quality of life improvements are being made every day to kitchen design. Interior cabinet lights, retractable power strips, and electrical outlets with USB plugins are all smaller touches that can help make things feel fresh and useful.

Native Sons Understand Design for Kitchen Remodeling in Baltimore

With over 20 years of experience in this highly competitive industry, Native Sons always manages to stay on the cutting edge of design philosophy. We prioritize collaboration: listening to your desires and applying our expertise to help realize them fully. Contact Native Sons today to schedule a consultation, and learn how our design process can grow into the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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find the right kitchen contractor near me

How to Find the Right Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Near Me?

When it comes to shopping, it’s no secret that most of us don’t like looking for contractors. Similar to the process of looking for a car or a home, finding the right contractor can require time and patience. However, the process doesn’t have to seem so draining if you know what you have to look for and where to look. If you ever find yourself typing into Google “kitchen remodeling contractors near me,” use these tips to help streamline the whole process.

Don’t Over-Rely on Service Listing Sites

When you begin your search online, you’ll most likely come across service listing or aggregating sites. Some of the most popular include HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Houzz. These pages will be titled things like “Ten Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Near You,” and will provide a numbered list of service providers in your area. While these services can be useful, it’s important to not over-rely on their listings as opposed to those you find in the traditional, or organic, results. The reason for this is that many of these are paid services, which means contractors have to pay in to be listed. This can result in excellent contractors in your area being omitted from the list simply because they haven’t chosen to pay a listing site. The numbering system isn’t exact either, rankings are not always based strictly on the quality of work and feedback from clients. There are more useful metrics than when conducting a search of the “best kitchen remodeling contractors near me.” For example, if you were in Melbourne, you could search for ‘kitchen makers melbourne‘ to find the best kitchen company in the city!

The local map is a great way to find local contractors

Look for a Combination of Reviews and Testimonials

The beauty of the internet is that it collects client feedback all in one place for you. Google Business pages are a great place to help find the right kitchen remodeling contractors near you. Reviews are important to take into account, but you should be apprehensive about trusting them alone. First, be sure to read through several reviews closely to be able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each contractor. This will take you further than just paying attention to star ratings. However, you should also seek out testimonials when available, especially video testimonials. This will allow you to hear directly from past clients as well as see some of the work at the same time. While reviews and testimonials alone aren’t enough, they are very useful too to ease the search of great kitchen remodeling contractors near me.

A Native Sons Testimonial – See More

Your Estimate is the Test Drive

When you go to purchase a car, for many people the test drive will be when you either decide you want to take a car home or leave it on the lot. The estimate process for kitchen remodeling contractors is similar. This is when you’ll get the best sense of what working with that contractor will be like. You can tell a lot about how a contractor handles business by how they handle the estimate process, including if they brought the proper materials to allow you to make informed decisions about your kitchen remodel. A contractor that is not being up-front with you during the estimate will most likely not be honest with you during the remodeling process. Being provided with accurate pricing information, a variety of options, and a tangible vision for your remodel can go quite a long way to showing the character, work ethic, and quality of the contractors you’d be working with.

How to Find a Great Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Near Me? Give Native Sons a Call, That’s How!

native sons team
the team at native sons

Native Sons has over two decades of experience serving homeowners across the Greater Baltimore and Annapolis areas. As a family owned and operated business, we believe that integrity and expertise allow us to bring beautiful remodeling projects to life. Contact Native Sons today for all of your kitchen remodeling needs.

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Maryland Kitchen Remodeling: 3 Tips to Help You Age in Place

When considering a Maryland kitchen remodeling project, it can be easy to get caught up in thinking solely of what you want from the project right now. Wanting the latest features, a gorgeous aesthetic, and new appliances can be a driving force in wanting a remodel. However, as we grow older, our needs change. This is why it may be wise to design a remodel that ages in place, meaning it still meets your current criteria while paying thought to your future. Let’s take a look at 3 Maryland kitchen remodeling tips that will help your project age well.

1. Consider Accessibility

When designing the layout for your kitchen, you may be tempted to prioritize the physical aesthetic of the space. This can result in narrow spots for traffic to pass through, high cabinets, and floor materials that can easily get slippery. Accessibility is a hugely important part of aging in place. Cabinets that you frequently need to access can be set lower to reduce the need to stretch, bend, or grab a step stool. Prioritizing large open spaces can be beneficial if your kitchen eventually needs to accommodate wheelchair access. Choosing floor materials that are slip-resistant will reduce the chance of suffering a fall. These small considerations for accessibility will better help your Maryland kitchen remodeling project to age in place.

2. Clear Organization

The look of your kitchen remodel does not always have to be divorced from its ability to accommodate successful aging. Confusion is common as we get older, so putting in fail-safes to make things easier to keep track of is a great strategy to employ. One organizational tool that can both look nice and provide clarity is clear glass planes on cabinets. These allow you to look directly at what is stored, cutting down on confusion and making the organization as a whole. In addition, adding larger, easier to grasp grips to cabinetry will them easier to open for those suffering from joint pain. Your Maryland kitchen remodeling project can employ an inviting aesthetic that will also prioritize clear organization.

3. Easy-to-Use Appliances

Our appliances due much of the heavy lifting in our kitchens, and as such are one of the most important aspects to focus on when remodeling to age-in-place. Some modern appliances provide great features but can be uninviting to older users who have trouble reading their displays or making use of their proper functions. To accomplish better aging capabilities, choose appliances with clearly-communicated displays, one-touch functions, and safety guards such as turning off heating elements after a certain amount of time unattended. This will help streamline time spent in the kitchen and prevent accidents from occurring.

Kitchen with modern, easy-to-use appliances

Our kitchens are the lifeblood of our homes. As such, it’s important to ensure that they’re able to accommodate our needs as we grow. Your Maryland kitchen remodeling project can be designed to ensure your kitchen provides for you as you get older. These small considerations can go a long way.

Native Sons has helped many of our clients build kitchens and bathrooms that age-in-place. With over two decades of experience, our team can provide for all your Maryland kitchen remodeling needs. Contact us today.

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kitchen appliances for Baltimore kitchen remodel

Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Baltimore Kitchen Remodel

Of all the things we take for granted around our homes, kitchen appliances are rarely one of them. The proper functionality of our appliances can be the difference between our food staying fresh, our drinks staying cold, and our dishes staying clean. When you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, the appliances should be one of your primary concerns. With so many options out there, it can be tough to know how to pick the right ones. Let’s break down how you can choose the right appliances for your Baltimore kitchen remodel.

Layout and Lifestyle

Appliances serve specific purposes within our homes. Because of this, different appliances will be more important in some homes than others. However, if you’re planning to work within the exact space already available to your kitchen, you may face difficulties. Working new appliances into the spaces of old appliances may limit your options when shopping. However, if you’re replacing appliances in the context of a full Baltimore kitchen remodel, your contractor should be able to help create space for the appliances to fit. Your lifestyle will also determine which appliances you want to invest more in. Do you tend to cook a lot? If so, a double-oven option may make more sense than a single, and an advanced, heavy-duty dishwasher might be needed to keep up with all the dishes. Larger families might want to invest in a fridge with significant storage space and an open layout so your leftovers aren’t getting buried in the back and you’re left to wonder what that smell is. Other appliances are specialized to homeowners’ needs, such as wine coolers. Ranking what aspects of your appliances matter most to your lifestyle will better help you choose the right appliances for your Baltimore kitchen remodel.

Budget and Style

Of course, buying appliances strictly by your lifestyle is great, but not real for most of us outside of an ideal world. Budget is a necessary factor in deciding what kind of appliances we can fit into our kitchens. After coming up with your budget for the whole kitchen remodeling process, you can work with your contractor to determine how much of that can be put towards appliances, and then shop within those constraints. Of course, choosing the right appliances for your Baltimore kitchen remodel will also involve selecting options that fit with the style of the whole remodel. Cohesion is important to making any room in your home beautiful, and a color-clashing dishwasher or fridge can stick out like a sore thumb. More and more for a variety of appliances, there are stylistic options to fit the look and feel of any kitchen, from modern stainless steel to models that can blend in with the cabinetry. A trusted contractor can help you pick a style that fits your vision for a beautiful kitchen.

Doing the Research

We started this blog by looking at how synchronous our appliances are with our day-to-day lives. For this reason, researching on every prospective option is very important. Not all brands are created equal, and not even every product from the same brand will offer the same level of quality. It’s incredibly frustrating to purchase a new dishwasher only to have the technician back at your house every few weeks because your dishes aren’t getting cleaned. Read product reviews, look at an appliance’s longevity, its energy efficiency, and what features it offers that appeal to you. Especially important for homeowners is to understand the product warranties for each appliance purchased. Your product warranty could be the difference between continued support when something goes wrong, and simply being out a few thousand dollars because your warranty lapsed far sooner than expected. Warranties are one of the areas in which you don’t want to try and cut upfront costs, because that mindset can cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

Native Sons Helps With Every Step of Your Baltimore Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to choosing the right appliances for your Baltimore kitchen remodel, you don’t have to go it alone. Native Sons believes that our home remodeling services should make the process easier everywhere we can, not more stressful. Our team of experts will help you select the right appliance options thanks to our backlog of kitchen remodeling knowledge and our drive to always stay up to date on the best and brightest products. Contact us today to schedule your in-home quote, and start down the path to the kitchen of your dreams.

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Budgeting for a kitchen remodel

Budgeting for a Kitchen Remodel: Three Important Steps

It’s no secret that renovations can be an expensive process, both in time and money. There is a variety of moving parts that go into a remodel from its inception to its completion. Budgeting and planning is the starting point for most of us. Many of us avoid hiring a professional due to the expense, which is a good idea if you feel you can tackle a renovation yourself. It helps to have the relevant equipment which you can find at home improvement stores like Home Depot; you can even find promo codes and coupons for Home Depot at, which will help with your budget. However, for some, it may be difficult to know how best to approach budgeting for a kitchen remodel. What type of expenses should you be aware of, and what decisions are you going to have to make down the line? Let’s take a look.

Step One: Deciding On Scope

The scope of your remodel will help determine the majority of other expenses down the line. There are several factors that go into deciding on a scope that will best fit your needs. First, look at the absolute max of what you can spend on the project. Then, square this price tag with how much you’d like to spend. This will help you have a better sense of budgeting when it’s time to shop for contractors. Next, consider the space available for the project, and what big ticket items you want to prioritize. Will you work within the space available or expand the size of your kitchen? Having to knockdown walls can comprise a significant portion of your total budget. Breaking down and being honest about the scope of a project you can afford will help ease you through the process.

Step Two: Consider Your Must Haves

A great deal of budgeting for a kitchen remodel concerns what your must haves are. Do you want a tiled back-splash, and if so, how far should it extend around your kitchen? Can you settle for more stock-standard counter and cabinet options or do you want something with a more unique look and larger price tag? You can often see people just updating the color of their existing cabinets, in order to save money for another part of their renovation. This can be a great way to make sure your cabinets last their full life time, and you’re not just replacing them because they no longer match the style of your kitchen. To find out more about cabinet painting, you could look Here. Next, the materials you decide on with your contractor can affect your budget significantly. Another thing to consider are your appliances. Are you looking to significantly upgrade your current lineup of appliances or are you content with keeping the ones you currently have? Additionally, considering whether you want to add additional sink spaces and lighting fixtures can affect the price-tag due to a contractors need to change plumbing and wiring for your kitchen. Make a list of priorities and determine from there which you can’t live without.

Step Three: Find a Contractor

Perhaps the most important step in budgeting for a kitchen remodel is finding the right contractor for the job. The right contractor for your job is one that works every step of the way with you to meet your budgetary needs without sacrificing quality of work. Meet prospective contractors about the desired scope of the project so you can know if they have the qualifications necessary to deliver your desired project. For instance, some contractors don’t have Master Electricians or Master Plumbers on their team, meaning these services will be outsourced. Where possible, it can be advisable to use local contractors as you are supporting your own community. If you live in Victoria, for example, you may want to look for an electrician in Point Cook. Avoid hidden fees or financial risks down the line by only employing contractors with contractors that are properly insured in the event that an accident takes place during the job. Finding the right contractor for your job will make budgeting for a kitchen remodel a worthwhile process by delivering great work for the right price. Finding the best plumber or electrician that can provide this service is highly critical, this is your home, your sanctuary and you want it to be in the best shape it can be. If you have been looking for an electrician that ticks your boxes, you can look right here with S.E. Electrical Services and see if they could potentially help you with this requirement.

Let Native Sons Work For You

Native Sons has the experience and know-how to help you make the most of your budgeting for a kitchen remodel process. Our team has helped families across the Baltimore area get the kitchen of their dreams by working with them to build a product that meets their needs. With over 20 years of remodeling experience, Native Sons is read to work for you. Contact us today!

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Thanksgiving family

The Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen Before the Holidays

There isn’t any other time of year quite like the holiday season. With it comes to celebrations, fantastic meals, and families coming together to enjoy one another’s company. Holidays bring their own unique stresses as well though. Entertaining can be exhausting, families tend to bicker, and all of this can easily be exacerbated by inadequate spaces, especially a cramped kitchen space. As such, if you’re interested in renovating it can be beneficial to do so prior to the hectic holiday season for a variety of reasons. There could be issues in your kitchen that you have been putting off to get fixed and these will all suddenly come to light during the holidays. These are things like blocked drains, which can happen from food waste going into your sink, companies like Boulden Brothers can provide this drain cleaning service and you can visit website for more details. The holidays can be very stressful so make sure you have made all your home improvements, especially in the kitchen, for a less stressful environment so you can carry on enjoying and joining in with the festivities. If your renovations will impact your energy use then you will need to complete a title 24 report should you live in California.

Lessen the Stress

It’s a given that we all want our holidays to go as stress-free as they can, and completing your renovation projects prior to the holiday season can help to alleviate unnecessary stress. A common mistake is starting your renovations too late and having to deal with a partially complete kitchen space during the season. This presents a variety of unique challenges. Depending on how far along you are, crucial appliances such as stoves, and the precious counter space needed to cook. Once you’ve got an idea of which appliances you’re planning on implementing into your kitchen, you’ll want to consider getting a comprehensive real estate home warranty plan plan to cover you in the event that an appliance breaks in some way so that it can be serviced, repaired, or maybe even replaced. Then, the question becomes where do you store all of the renovation materials while company is over? The holiday schedule may also alter the timetable for completion of the renovation, putting even more stress on both you and your contractors. The best solution available is to schedule your renovation in advance to ensure that your new kitchen can be the center of your holiday festivities.

finished kitchen remodel

More Space, Better Amenities

Obviously, the biggest draw in renovating before the holidays is getting the have the kitchen space you’ll feel most happy cooking, eating, and celebrating in. Just picture it, having your marble countertop installation done so you can enjoy utilising this space! As mentioned above, one of the most common gripes about the holidays we’re all accustomed to hearing is a lack of space, especially for cooking intensive holidays like Thanksgiving. A well-conceived and designed renovation by a contractor like Native Sons can help you reclaim precious space, or expand the entire layout of your kitchen. Is every struggling to prepare food side-by-side? Look at the options for additional counter space. Your holiday dishes never finishing together on time? Perhaps a double-oven would be the ideal solution. All of these options help change the experience of your holidays to make them smoother and less-chaotic for everyone involved

Holidays present their own joys and challenges every year. Kitchen renovations also provide challenges, and eventual joy at the prospect of having a more complete, beautiful, and refined space. Help yourself avoid additional stresses over the holiday season by completing your renovations before the holiday season, and give Native Sons a call to discover how a kitchen renovation can help you make the most of your holiday season.

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remodeled kitchen with island bar

5 Ways to Maintain Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen

The kitchen is at the core of every home, providing families with a place to cook, dine, and entertain. Remodeling the kitchen is often necessary, particularly for older homes with dated layouts and designs. But upgrading a space doesn’t stop once the renovation process is complete. Discover how you can maintain your newly remodeled kitchen with the following tips!

kitchen remodel

Register Appliances

Your contractor may have already registered your warranty appliances, but if not, take the time to do so. You want to ensure that you get the most out of the manufacturer’s warranty, especially with new technology. You want your air fryer to stay as the best air fryer! Simply log onto the manufacturer website to register your appliances and protect your investment.

Take Stock of Your Items

Before you line the countertops with ceramic canisters, consider the design of the entire space. Atlas ceramics have a nice range if you want some additional ideas when designing your kitchen. Take stock of the items you saved from your previous kitchen, and determine if they will improve the room or create unnecessary clutter. If you have three sets of salt shakers, consider giving the other two away. When it comes to newly renovated kitchens, less is truly more.

kitchen remodel

Stop Clutter in its Tracks

Now that you have a new kitchen with upgraded storage accessories, you can finally keep the clutter at bay. Rather than shoving bills, receipts, pens, and other items into one “junk drawer,” designate specific sections for these items. If you have children, introduce them to the new organization system. Ensure that every appliance, pan, and spatula has a home. If you end up starting to amass too many utensils, kitchen appliances or anything in your home you should consider conversing with mobile storage providers to better understand your options to restore your home to a balanced clutter-free space.

Research Your New Countertops/Floors

You might have been able to clean your old laminate countertops with a simple solution, but your new marble kitchen island might require different care. Before you scrub the hardwood floors or wipe your stainless steel appliances, do your research. The best way to maintain an updated kitchen is to learn more about the materials and products within it. For example, some granite countertops need to be sealed to deflect dirt, grime and spills better.

Add Your Personal Touches

Your new kitchen is a blank canvas awaiting the personal touches of a loving home. Now that you’ve organized the countertops, introduce your unique style into the space. Ensure that the art and decor you add corresponds to the new design. If you decided to have black stainless steel appliances installed, consider adding a pop of color to the space with a vibrant kitchen table rug. If you prefer to maintain a minimalist aesthetic, allow the new remodel to speak for itself. However you choose to style your new kitchen, make sure that it flows with the rest of your home to establish a cohesive design. If you’re using steel, perhaps look to buy a stainless steel beam and see what you can make from that! Maybe start smart small by building a desk for your office, and then work your way up! If you’re creative enough, you’re bound to come up with something.

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen?

For over 30 years, Native Sons has helped thousands of clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. As a fully-licensed contracting company, we are able to complete a project from start to finish, without having to sub-contract any work out. Having all of the necessary licenses in-house makes the remodeling experience for our clients less stressful and straightforward. Do you have any questions? Feel free to give our administrative team a call at (410) 788-5179, or send us an email on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you turn your dream kitchen into a reality!

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kitchen remodel plans

When Is It The Right Time to Remodel My Kitchen?

Whether you purchased your home or you built it from the ground up, you’re bound to consider a remodeling project or two. Families grow, and their needs change, and soon the kitchen island isn’t as functional as it was when you first moved in. But how can you tell when you’re truly ready to knock down the walls and start anew? Many experts in the field, such as Landmark association, may suggest the following considerations help indecisive homeowners decide if it’s the right time for a remodel.

kitchen remodel

Wear and Tear

One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose to remodel is due to the wear and tear of the space. One of the most charming aspects of Baltimore life is its many old row houses, but residents commonly remark on outdated fixtures and appliances. Whether the countertops are starting to fade or the cabinet doors are starting to stick, the best solution is to remodel the kitchen. Whilst remodeling the kitchen can seem expensive, it is sometimes worth it, especially if you’re kitching is falling apart. It’s normally a worthwhile investment, so if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, it might be worth visiting a building supplies website to try and source some of the equipment that you might need. Hopefully, that will give you all of the essential tools that you’ll need for a successful kitchen makeover.

A Growing Family

If you’re welcoming a new addition to your home, it’s time to assess your kitchen and decide if it’s safe for a small child. Necessary considerations include outdated appliances, accessibility to cabinets, and countertops with sharp corners. The general design of your kitchen could be a hazard to small children, which can only be remedied by remodeling.

A Passion for Entertaining

entertaining in kitchen

Have you discovered that you’re the life of the party? Want to change the industrial strip light for some warmer old fashioned ceiling lights to give your dinner party that bistro feel? Do you want to enjoy more wine and charcuterie with friends? Entertaining can be a difficult task if your kitchen isn’t conducive to multiple guests. Consider maximizing the space with a remodel. Talk to your contractor about ways that they improve the space for dinner parties and events.

Changing Needs

Our needs change as we age. You might not be able to move around like you used to, and items on the top shelf might be out of reach. Whatever the reason, it’s important that every item in your kitchen is accessible. Remodeling the space can help you regain your freedom in the kitchen once again.

Are Your Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen?

For over 30 years, Native Sons has helped thousands of client in Baltimore and throughout Maryland with their kitchen remodel. As a fully-licensed contracting company, we are able to complete a project from start to finish, without having to worry about sub-contracting out any of the work. By having all of the licenses in-house, we make your kitchen remodeling experience simple and less stressful. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (410) 788-5179, or send us an email by visiting our contact page.

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kitchen remodeling in bowie - testimonial

Kitchen Remodeling in Bowie, MD

Heather and her husband almost didn’t settle on their home in Bowie, MD. The kitchen was lime green, and it had an enclosed peninsula that drastically limited movement throughout the space. When they decided to remodel their kitchen, they turned to Native Sons for help.

How did you hear about Native Sons?

Home Advisor. Native Sons Inc was one of a couple [companies] that had really good reviews. Adam and Joshua were the two magicians. They waved their magic wand and ‘poof,’ no more outdated kitchen.

What do you love about your new kitchen?

We have an awesome kitchen that is so spacious. I like contemporary, modern style and I love HGTV. We knocked a wall out as well, to bring more light into the living room and to have more of an open concept.

How was your experience with the Native Sons team?

I work at night because I’m a paramedic, so I was home during the day. I was able to be here every day with them. It was almost like they became part of our family. [The team] communicated well, and were considerate of my work schedule and my husband’s work schedule.

Would you recommend Native Sons to a friend?

My aunt and uncle saw our kitchen and fell in love with it. They were actually in the process of having their kitchen remodeled and almost signed with a different contractor. I talked them into coming aboard with Native Sons, and as we speak Native Sons is working on their kitchen, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.  

Are You Ready to Remodel?

For over 30 years, Native Sons has helped thousands of clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. Being a fully-licensed contracting company, we are able to complete a project from start to finish, without having to sub-contract any work out. Having all of the necessary licenses in-house makes the remodeling experience for our clients less stressful and straightforward. Do you have any questions? Feel free to give our administrative team a call at (410) 788-5179, or send us an email on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you turn your dream bathroom into a reality!

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electrical and plumbing

5 Tips To Help Make Your Kitchen Remodeling in Baltimore Less Stressful

Everyone knows that a successful renovation doesn’t happen overnight. Despite months of preparation, the process of transforming your kitchen can present a variety of inconveniences for your family. But one of those inconveniences shouldn’t be the painting if you are in the Queensland area check out Capalaba painters to see what they can do for you and your home renovations. Here are 5 tips that will help make your kitchen remodeling process less stressful.


Relocating is a good option for families that spend the majority of their time at home. The construction process is disruptive, and many families find it difficult to relax when loud machinery is in use. If it’s an option, relocating could provide you with a peaceful and enjoyable refuge for the duration of the renovation project. If you are unable to relocate, find a Rubbish removal service such as 1300Rubbish so that the workers can clear the site at the end of every day and keep it as clean as possible.

Establish Kitchen #2

If you choose to remain at home during the renovation, consider designating a room or nook as a second kitchen. Dining out for every meal isn’t realistic, so it’s important to create an area for brewing coffee or toasting bread. You may not be able to cook elaborate meals, but you can store essential kitchen items in this temporary space, and if you ever needed more, companies like JIT Removals and Storage could provide you with the extra room you need to store possessions while your kitchen gets done.

Without the dishwasher or kitchen sink, doing the dishes requires a bit of creativity. Consider purchasing recyclable plates, napkins, and utensils to use during the renovation process. Stock the pantry with nonperishable goods that you and your children can reach to for a quick meal, such as granola bars and crackers.

Fire Up the Grill

kitchen remodel

Good weather permitting, take to your outdoor space as much as you can during the kitchen renovation. Use your grill to create a

variety of delicious meals that the entire family can enjoy. Perhaps you haven’t taken advantage of your deck or patio in the past. Take the opportunity to plan a family day outdoors and have an adventure in your own backyard.

Maintain Good Communication

Maintaining an open line of communication with your contractor can help the process go smoothly. Check the site daily to alleviate the stress of the unknown, and request weekly progress reports.

Keep the Outcome in Mind

You have spent months preparing for your kitchen renovation, and now it’s finally happening. Keep in mind that the construction process is temporary and that soon you will have the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Consider the process part of the adventure! Where you’ve got a Custom Kitch or you’re just getting some new cupboards, all of the hassle is certainly worth it in the end!

Are You Ready to Remodel?

For over 30 years, Native Sons has helped thousands of clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. As a fully-licensed contracting company, we are able to complete a project from start to finish, without having to sub-contract any workout. Having all of the necessary licenses in-house makes the remodeling experience for our clients less stressful and straightforward. Do you have any questions? Feel free to give our administrative team a call at (410) 788-5179, or send us an email on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you turn your dream kitchen into a reality!

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