We all have those rooms in our houses that we wish we could get more out of. A kitchen that’s lacking counter space, a bathroom with no bathtub, a spare room we’ve converted into a storage place for all our junk. However, perhaps the most consistently underutilized room in your house is the unfinished space in your basement. Right now it may be little more than a laundry room, or place where your circuit breaker and water heater sits. However, with a thoughtful remodeling, you can transform your basement into a space that changes the entire feeling of your house, creating a space for you and your kids to spend leisure time.

Finishing Your Basement: The Advantages

An unfinished basement is not only an eyesore, it severely limits the use and value of your home. A basement remodel is not like remodeling other key rooms in your home such as a kitchen or bathroom, which already serve a defined purpose. Given the right space and budget, you can transform your basement space into any number of fantastic rooms. Basements provide a perfect, hangout zone for your teens where you can still keep an eye on them, a home theater for family movie nights and game day, and even a spare room or two for overnight guests to have a comfortable place to stay. If the spare room option is what you end up going for, you might want to have a look at a site such as mentalitch.com and view some of the sleeper sofas they have on there. They can work as both sofas and beds, creating a piece of versatile furniture that’s perfect for your basement spare room. All of these are perfect applications for your renovated basement, among many others, but like any remodeling project, you will need a well-designed plan that can be properly and efficiently executed.

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How to Remodel Your Basement

The openness of finishing your basement provides freedom over other remodeling projects, but it also forces you to pay extra attention to the details of your floor plan. You run into unique issues that you don’t see in other rooms, like needing basement waterproofing to avoid flooding or damp. Choose a contractor that has an extensive and inclusive design planning process. Then, prioritize how your space is going to be used to guide the design process. Are you planning on entertaining, or having a central room for family members and guests to spend time in? Ensure the room is central to where the available natural light is coming in. Communicate with your contractor to ensure that small details like these are given care and attention to. Make a list of features that are your must-haves, and factor them into your budget to see which features are feasible. Want a home bar, a home theater, or an exercise room? Each of these requires differing amounts of space and materials. Prioritize which are most important for you, and plan your budget around this.

Basement remodeling truly allows you freedom, and the opportunity to create a new space for family and friends to come together. It’s important, however, to hire a contractor that is going to execute your vision, communicate with you on the design plans and progress, and deliver a final product that makes the absolute most of your budget. Of course, sometimes it can be hard to stay within your budget limit, and looking for financial help in the form of a home improvement loan, (more info here) may be in your best interest, especially if you have big plans for your basement. However, trying to stay within your budget should be your main goal. With over 20 years in home renovations, Native Sons can make your dream basement a reality. Contact us for a quote today!