Kitchen Remodeling in Catonsville MD

A beautiful, renovated kitchen that fits your needs is only a few clicks away. For over 30 years, Native Sons has been the local choice for kitchen remodeling in Catonsville MD. 

Let Native Sons be your kitchen remodeling company of choice. For three decades, we’ve been helping Catonsville homeowners modernize their kitchens with comprehensive remodeling services. See the difference a new kitchen can make today.

About Native Sons

In 1991, our family business began with the simple goal of completing home remodeling projects backed up by expert craftsmanship and superior service. In the 30 years since, we’ve helped thousands of families improve the spaces where they spend their time together. Our multi-generational team brings together veteran experience and fresh ideas to provide an excellent Catonsville kitchen remodeling experience. 

Home Remodeling For Every Room

Over the years, our needs change and we have to adapt our homes to fit those changes. At Native Sons, we provide home remodeling services for rooms throughout your home, allowing it to grow with you and your family. 

Bathroom Remodeling

Due to the presence of moisture, bathrooms tend to age faster than other rooms in our houses. Increase the usability and appeal of your bathroom with a remodeling project that will modernize it for daily needs. 

Basement Remodeling

See how your basement can be a center of gathering, comfort, and family time with a detailed renovation that brings the space to life. Our team can help you maximize your basement space, and create a room where you’re happy to spend time. 

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Our kitchen remodeling in Catonsville takes a comprehensive look at each feature of your kitchen, from how space is used to how each detail works together to create a beautiful, cohesive space. 

Our services include: 

  • Tiling: From backsplash to tile flooring, we offer beautiful, timeless choices to bring your kitchen to life.
  • Flooring: Your kitchen floors can experience a lot of wear and tear over time.. Choose from attractive, durable flooring options that will last for the long run.
  • Appliances: It can’t be overstated how much modernizing kitchen appliances can improve your quality of life when cooking, cleaning, and organizing.
  • Expansions: Make the most of your space with thoughtful kitchen expansions that take into account the flow of your home.
  • Plumbing: With a Master Plumber license, we’re a top choice among Catonsville kitchen remodelers to handle your plumbing upgrades during your renovation project.
  • Electrical: Our trusted Master Electricians will ensure all lighting, fixture and outlet upgrades you require are handled with expert knowledge and care.
  • Cabinetry: See how beautiful and functional cabinets can enhance the overall aesthetic and experience of your kitchen, day-in, day-out.
  • Countertops: Ensure you have durable, long-lasting cabinets that bring together the style and design of your kitchen.

A Proven Track Record

Native Sons brings over 30 years of kitchen remodeling experience to the table. In that time, we’ve learned how to conduct an efficient, detail-oriented renovation process. We understand the stress that can arise from an in-home remodeling project. That’s why we strive to ensure you’re comfortable, and we avoid disruption to your daily life as best we can. Our workmanship and dedication to your vision sets us apart. 


What Goes into A Catonsville Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Each project comes with its own unique challenges, but our consistent process ensures you’re able to navigate the complexities of a home renovation with ease. 

Each project begins with a consultation to assess your needs and vision for your kitchen remodel. Next, we conduct an in-home visit to take measurements and see how the space can best be utilized. From there, we’ll move into the process of crafting a custom-tailored kitchen design and working with you to select the best products for your project. One that step is complete, we can move forward with the remodel of your brand new kitchen. 

A Catonsville Legacy

Native Sons has been helping homeowners just like you attain their dream kitchens for over three decades. Our commitment to craftsmanship, service, and thoughtful design has made us a local institution for Catonsville homeowners. If you’re ready to get started on your Catonsville kitchen remodeling project, reach out to the Native Sons team today.