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Our Story

While attending college in Chicago, Michael, along with his wife, Linda, ventured into remodeling as a creative way to pay the bills while they were in school. Michael has always had a natural aptitude for construction and mechanical work, which was now undergirded by his architectural major. While in Chicago, their company remodeled multi-unit apartment buildings, kitchens, and baths, as well as full-home restoration projects for investors.

In 1991, with the family quickly expanding, Michael and Linda decided to return to Maryland, their native state and started Native Sons, Inc. Over 30 years (and thousands of remodeling projects) later, Native Sons Inc. has emerged as Central Maryland’s premier Home Remodeling and Kitchen/Bath Specialists. As a fully licensed, full-service remodeling company Native Sons, Inc. is ready to serve you.

Why Choose Native Sons?

Native Sons is a family owned and operated business. Unlike most business owners, who leave the field, Michael is hands on. He is a working owner and in some way, he is part of each and every job we complete. Our mission statement is Service with Integrity. To us, this means 3 things: