Basement remodeling can be a tricky process but it is also a worthwhile one. Not only will it increase the livable space in your home, remodeling or finishing an unfinished basement can increase the value of your home. So, why is it tricky? Because many basements are sizable and connected to the structural integrity of the house, they can sometimes be difficult to properly remodel. So, if you’re planning on having a contractor take on your basement remodeling, here are some do’s and don’ts you just take into consideration to ensure the process goes smoothly and results in the best possible final product.

This client turned their basement into an extra kitchen to entertain guests

Do: Extensively Research Contractors

Just like with any remodeling project, you should start by conducting an extensive search for a reputable and talented company to complete the job. While this seems like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised to see how many consumers choose the first contracting company they come across without even reading reviews or obtaining multiple estimates. Always ensure the contractor you’re working with has a proven track record through strong reviews and testimonials as well as an attractive gallery/portfolio.

Don’t: Rush the Basement Remodeling Process

Remodeling is about delivering a satisfying end product that is going to permanently improve your home and make you feel more comfortable in it. So, it is counter-productive for you to want the process to be rushed. We know having your home under-renovation can be frustrating. But, setting unrealistic time tables for completion or asking contractors to skimp on details is only going to hurt your satisfaction with the final product.

Do: Create a Detailed Plan of What You Want

Not every basement remodeling project is the same, of course. So it’s crucial that you evaluate what you want out of a finished or remodeled basement. Will it serve as a home office? Perhaps you’ll need the walls to be sound-proofed. Do you want it to be an extra living or apartment space? A basement bathroom addition may be in order. Or do you just want another space for the family to be able to spend leisure time? By identifying what you want, you’ll make it easier for your contractors to help formulate a design that meets all of your needs.

Don’t: Forget to Maximize Your Basement Remodeling Space and Budget

Space and budget go hand-in-hand for most remodeling projects. A common mistake we see is homeowner’s getting estimated over their projected budgets because they want every corner of the basement remodeled. However, in your basement you have the opportunity to leave areas set aside for storage with only minimal remodeling touches, helping you better meet your budget.

Do: Consider Waterproofing Your Basement

It’s no secret that basements are among the most susceptible places in our homes to water damage. If you’re going to put the time, energy, and money into having your basement remodeled, it may be wise to protect it from potential damage while you’re at it. Speak with your contractor to learn what steps they can take to help waterproof your basement. No need to figure out what to do when disaster strikes if you’ve taken precautions beforehand.

Don’t: Take on More Than You Can Handle

All over the internet, you’ll see DIY home remodeling being championed. While this can seem appealing, if you don’t have experience with home renovation, it may can be a mistake to try and take on a project like this yourself. Successful basement remodeling projects are best left to professional contractors who can work with you to help realize your vision for the basement you want. If you have been searching for these professionals and are trying to narrow down your list, you can look into home remodeling in Boulder services or search for companies in your immediate area so you find the one that you need.

Do: Give Native Sons a Call

For over two decades, Native Sons has provided expert home remodeling services including basements, kitchens, and bathrooms to clients all across the Greater Baltimore and Annapolis areas. We are a family owned and operated business that understands the importance of helping make your home more inviting and comfortable. Contact us today for all of your basement remodeling needs.

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