What Is Fair Trade?

The term “fair trade” refers to labor that is properly compensated and not exploitative. Native Sons recognizes that the construction and remodeling fields may not always follow this promise. It is a priority of ours to ensure that all of our workers are treated equally and that we follow every necessary step to ensure a safe, law-abiding work environment, whether it be by bringing in better workplace monitoring and safety measures, or by implementing better ways to track hours worked (such as this solution from Raken that is often used in the industry).

Industry Shortcomings

Many independent contractors are looking both to keep money in their own pockets and sell prospective customers on a lower price point than a fully licensed and legitimate contracting business.

It’s not tough to see why a low price tag is attractive for you as the consumer. However, the reality is that this unrealistic price is often achieved through unscrupulous business practices, and those typically losing out are the laborers. Whether targeting those whose legal status they can exploit or the economically marginalized, these contractors are able to pay laborers wages that far fall beneath industry standards and state or federal guidelines. Similarly, contractors may cut costs by going without insurance for workers, meaning on onsite injury could not significantly impact a workers ability to provide but also place the legal recourse on you, the property owner.

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Fair Trade Commitment

Native Sons believe the duty is on us as contractors to treat our employees fairly through proper wages, insurance, and reasonable injury compensation. As a fully licensed contractor, we ensure that all employees are both legally fit for employment and trustworthy individuals you will be comfortable with working in your home. The comprehensive criminal background check that we carry out amongst our employees is extensive and ensures security and safety for both your family and our entire team of installers.

Changing An Industry

Native Sons believe we can be the change we want to see in our industry, which is why our fair trade commitment is so important to us. No employee should be exploited by their employer and no customers should have an unscrupulous contractor’s shortcomings fall on them. Give Native Sons a call today to learn more about our commitment to fair and equal employment.

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