The price point of major kitchen remodeling projects vary. Today, we want to take a look at an actual project Native Sons completed, and show how it was priced.

When you shop for a major kitchen remodel, you may find it tough to quickly get a price from contractors

While this is frustrating, estimating is a process, and the truth is the biggest factor in determining cost is you, the client. What you want and need out of your remodel project will usually determine how much you pay.

To help demystify this process, we’ll take a look at a recently completed major kitchen remodel and break down how we reached our quoted price.

What Goes Into a Remodeling Quote?

A major kitchen remodel is an involved process. It requires contractors to understand your needs, and be able to help turn those needs into a visual blue print for the project, and then eventually, a finished process. The project we’ll be using as a case study today was completed in 2019 for a home in Annapolis, MD.

The clients were working with an outdated kitchen. Initially, the design, tiling, and size had appealed to them when purchasing the home but had outgrown its limited space and dark-colored aesthetic that didn’t feel very inviting to the homeowners. They chose Native Sons for their major kitchen remodeling project, at which point our estimators were sent out to photograph the space, build an action plan with the clients, and come up with an estimate.

Following this initial visit, we quoted the clients a price of $40,000 to $65,000 for the entire project. The price breakdown for this project looks like this:

The large variance in the initial quote is built-in to the customization of the materials, features, and appliances a client desires when contracting Native Sons for a kitchen remodeling project. This custom-tailored approach gives you the better ability to control the price tag of the finished project.

What Went Into This Project

a modern kitchen remodeling project

The major kitchen remodel in Annapolis, MD was focused on modernizing the clients’ kitchen space. The original kitchen was equipped with dark tile colors and wooden trim. Our goal was to brighten it through the materials that were selected.

an inset stove top for the major kitchen remodel

To open the space more, we removed a wall where the stove was originally located, and replaced it with a kitchen island that featured an inset stove top. This ensures the space was still being maximized for use while not closing the kitchen off from the adjoining staircase. Included in this kitchen island were two retractable electrical outlets.

A key feature of the remodel was converting a kitchen closet into a bar space. This new utilization of space makes for a wonderful place to entertain. It includes two wine/beer fridges and custom cabinetry.

All of these features combine to make for a kitchen that uses its space more wisely, and delivers a unified visual style that goes well with the adjoining rooms. Major kitchen remodels are unique investments, as they recoup their price greater than purchases such as vehicles, which depreciate faster. In 2019, the Cost and Value report for Baltimore found that major kitchen remodeling projects at the quoted price tag for this remodel recoup up to 61% of the money spent upon resale of your home.

Native Sons Offers Honest Quotes

The goal of Native Sons is to only provide quotes that are honest and reflect the quality of work we’ll be delivering to you. We highly value the relationships formed with each client, and believe that constant communication is key to ensuring your major kitchen remodeling process goes smoothly. Contact Native Sons today to schedule your quote, and check out the video testimonial for this project.

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