If you’ve ever thought about re-tiling your bathroom, you’ve likely wondered if there are options beyond the standard ceramic tiling that is common in most bathrooms. Tiling doesn’t have to be usual, instead, there are a variety of more unique choices that can help make your bathroom a standout.

dark tile


This fine-grain stone is a great, sturdy option that provides a unique rustic charm. Slate compliments particular homes better than others, as it may clash with those who are looking to outfit their bathroom with a more modernized feel.


You’ve probably seen marble utilized for a variety of functions, including countertops but it also makes a great alternative for tiling. Marble offers an elegant aesthetic touch while also affording great durability. Marble is also variable, allowing with the options to be colored and textured.


Granite has many qualities similar to marble, but is even more durable and comes at a far more reasonable price tag. Granite is very versatile as well, coming in a massive amount of different colors and patterns make it easy to fit in bathrooms of any style.


Want to bring out the light in your modern bathroom? Glass tiling is a great option for you then. Glass tiling is reflective, which can brighten the room and gives your bathroom a consistent styling to match a porcelain sink and toilet.


This type of limestone provides a more rustic feel to your bathroom. While in nature it is found with small indents and troughs, residential travertine is often polished and thus provides a smooth and attractive surface


While quarry tile is most commonly found in public bathroom spaces, it is becoming more popular as a residential option thanks to its affordability. It is an incredibly versatile tile, seeing usage in patios and poolsides among many others.



This ancient building material is seeing new use in today’s renovations. Traditionally known as a softer stone, when properly varnished it provides a beautiful and unique tiling option that can provide your bathroom with a wonderful aesthetic.

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Tiling options are as complicated as they are varied, which is why it can help to have experts in your corner. The team at Native Sons has handled bathroom renovations for over two decades, and our project managers and installers have extensive knowledge of not only niche tiling materials, but patterns that will help add beauty and utility to your bathroom. We work side by side with you to achieve the results you want. Contact us today!

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