What Not To Shortcut in Your Budget Bathroom Remodel

Budget bathroom remodel is one of those phrases that has an allure. Is it possible? Can you get a handsome remodel without a huge price tag? Better yet, should you try? It’s no secret that home remodeling can be an expensive endeavor, which has to lead many of us strapped for cash to seek out […]

What Goes Into Your Bathroom Remodeling Quote?

Remodeled bathroom tub

Remodeling expenses may seem inflated, but there’s actually several factors that affect your bathroom remodeling quote. Home remodeling projects are known to be a large investment, requiring careful consideration and financial planning before beginning the process. Sometimes all that requires is visiting a site like castlehomecomfort.com/service-areas/rantoul/ for a repair quote for your HVAC system or […]

Why Bathroom Remodeling Has a High Price Tag


If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, it’s likely that you’ve taken look at standard prices in your area and had to catch your breath. In 2017, the national average for a mid-range bathroom remodel was $18,546. That is as much a new mid-range car. However, the reality of bathroom remodeling is that it requires a […]

7 Unique Tiling Options for Your Bathroom

remodeled shower tiles

If you’ve ever thought about re-tiling your bathroom, you’ve likely wondered if there are options beyond the standard ceramic tiling that is common in most bathrooms. Tiling doesn’t have to be usual, instead, there are a variety of more unique choices that can help make your bathroom a standout. Slate This fine-grain stone is a […]

5 Ways to Maintain Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom

remodeled bathroom

While many homeowners remodel the bathroom to address necessary repairs, others choose to do so to improve the appearance of the space by looking at the Anzzi shower panels and picking one that would fit in best. No matter your motive, everyone must take the steps required to maintain a beautiful, clean bathroom. If you’ve […]

Bathroom Remodeling in Annapolis – A Native Sons Testimonial

bathroom remodeling in annapolis - testimonial

Michelle’s home was built in 1968. Despite a few semi-renovations, the bathrooms were beginning to show excess wear and tear. She reached out to Native Sons for a renovation and was kind enough to share her experience of working with the team. Why did you want to remodel your bathroom? The bathroom [consisted] of a […]

Baltimore Bathroom Remodel

In large cities like Baltimore, it’s not unusual for households to have only one or two bathrooms. A bathroom renovation can provide a variety of benefits for single or multi-member families, but the construction process can present some challenges. Of course, it is important to first consider how much the bathroom renovation cost will amount […]

How Do I Plan a Bathroom Remodel?

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Sometimes larger home projects can be intimidating because you may not know where to start. When it comes to planning your bathroom remodel there are many things to consider. Take a look at the following that should be taken into consideration before beginning your project. Budget Planning your budget for your remodel is vital. Make […]

Baltimore Bathroom Remodel

Have you been looking to discover the true cost of remodeling a bathroom in Maryland? If so, you’re probably wondering what are realistic numbers and how much a kitchen remodeling should actually cost you. Remodeling Costs in Maryland In our other article, Renovation Costs in Maryland, we discuss what are realistic numbers to expect for […]

Are you planning to remodel a room in your home but have no idea how much to budget? Maybe you’re wanting to get the WDR Roofing Company – Round Rock to replace the roof? Or are you looking to completely gut the inside of your house? The first thing any homeowner should do when planning […]