You may have seen advertisements for specialty bathtubs built for seniors. These small tubs come with a built-in door and a notch cut tub seat. The senior steps into the bathtub, closes the door, and sits down while the tub fills with water. These types of tubs would be great for those who have to rely on in-home care services similar to Care For Family for support with their day to day living. While this is a great option for many seniors, it does have its drawbacks. Namely, this type of tub requires the complete removal of the old tub and installation of the new tub. For some individuals, the costs of this installation are just too much to be feasible.

Luckily, there is an easier, more affordable option. A notch cut tub involves cutting a hole in the wall of an existing bathtub, making it easy for seniors to step into the tub and shower. The hole is then modified to blend into the rest of the tub to make it look as if the tub was manufactured with the cutout portion. Finally, a safety handle is installed into the wall to provide a place to grip while walking into the tub. The entire installation is quick and inexpensive, and can usually be handled by someone like paul the plumber to ensure it is leak proof. Plus, seniors can continue to shower in the same shower that they are used to without having to adjust to a completely brand new tub. Read on to learn more about the benefits of notch cut tubs.


A notch cut bathtub is essentially just your regular bathtub that is modified to be safer for seniors. Remodeling the bathtub to have a hole in the side makes it easy for seniors to step in and out of the tub without having to step over the side of the bathtub. A handle installed in the shower wall provides a grip for seniors to hold while stepping into the tub, making it even safer. For many seniors, having easier access to the bathtub means that they no longer need assistance to step in and out of the tub. This creates and much more dignified experience for seniors who want to continue to enjoy independent living. Seniors need to feel secure in their homes and have the right safety practices put in place so that senior safety is always at the forefront of their families’ and communities’ minds. They want to feel as independent as they can do around their own home.

Fast Installation

Because the modification process is so simple, the entire process only takes a few hours. There are no large crews of people notch cut tubneeded to switch out an entire tub, nor is there any need to deal with connecting a new tub to the plumbing, a process which is complicated and time-consuming. With a notch cut tub, you take your shower in the morning, an installer visits your home to modify your tub, and by the next morning you are able to shower in your newly-modified cut out tub! Plus, you have the option to have a door installed in the tub to close the cutout portion if you ever want to enjoy a bath. Before your installer leaves, they give you the part of the tub that they cut out to keep. Should you ever change your mind and decide that you want your tub restored to its original condition, your installer can return and restore your tub so that it looks and functions just the same as it did before!


Finally, the quality that most people love about cut out tubs: the price. All seniors need for an enjoyable bathing experience is a tub that is easy to access. While a specialty tub is nice, both a specialty tub and a notch cut bathtub function in the same way. So, why not have the same great bathing experience without the huge pricetag? Because installation is fast and easy, you don’t have to purchase a new bathtub, and you don’t have to pay to have the plumbing hooked up to a new tub, you save quite a lot of money on installation, product, and plumbing costs, whether you have Apollo Plumbing (for plumbing in Everett) install the bathtub or another firm. The end result is an affordable option for seniors that provides a bathing experience that is easy, safe, and dignified.

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