Michelle’s home was built in 1968. Despite a few semi-renovations, the bathrooms were beginning to show excess wear and tear. She reached out to Native Sons for a renovation and was kind enough to share her experience of working with the team.

Why did you want to remodel your bathroom?

The bathroom [consisted] of a lot of older tile. Things were starting to give away, and it never felt clean even if I scrubbed it. The vanities were old, the toilets were old, so it really needed a facelift. Furthermore, a lot of the plumbing appliances in the house were clogged and we had to get our sewer line repaired from a service like those provided by the plumbing company on this website dependablerootersac.com/trenchless-sewer-repair/. Therefore we felt it was time for a remodel to go with our new repairs.

What were your first impressions of the team?

I felt they kept the lines of communication open. If there was ever a hiccup, it was addressed quickly and rectified quickly. I’m in real estate, and there was a house in the neighborhood I was helping to sell. When I walked in one day, there was water pouring through the ceiling, and it was the same day that Adam was supposed to [start the project]. He graciously helped me clean up the water issue we had. I felt that was very honorable for him to do that.

What are your favorite aspects of the finished project?

My favorite things about the new bathrooms are the color scheme; I love the new tile. The floors are probably my favorite, especially the Kohler the fixtures that [the team] helped us pick out. I also loved having brand new installations like the gorgeous bathtub and also our brand new toilet, which was fitted by services like nanceservices.net/plumbing/toilet-services/. It may seem like something small but trust me it makes a huge difference to my relaxation and happiness within my home.

How would you describe Native Sons?

As a company, they wanted us to be happy, and that spoke volumes to me. They did everything professionally, and the required permits were pulled. I think it spoke volumes to how they work and the integrity of the company.

Are You Looking for a Remodeling Contractor?

For over 30 years, Native Sons has helped thousands of clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. Being a fully-licensed contracting company, we are able to complete a project from start to finish, without having to sub-contract any workout. Having all of the necessary licenses in-house makes the remodeling experience for our clients less stressful and straightforward. Do you have any questions? Feel free to give our administrative team a call at (410) 788-5179, or send us an email on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you turn your dream bathroom into a reality!

Alternatively, if you were remodelling your bathroom in a different area like in Port St. Lucie then you could contact local services like plumbers, electricians and design teams in your area to give you the best results you could dream of, for your newly designed bathroom!

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