Budget bathroom remodel is one of those phrases that has an allure. Is it possible? Can you get a handsome remodel without a huge price tag? Better yet, should you try? It’s no secret that home remodeling can be an expensive endeavor, which has to lead many of us strapped for cash to seek out budget alternatives. No doubt you’ve been getting inspiration from pictures of bathroom renovations eastern suburbs Melbourne and similar sorts of things, but wondering if you can do it on your budget. Generally the answer is yes – however, when trying to work within a budget, there are some hugely important aspects of the remodel that you’re best trying not to shortcut.


Tiling is one of the most price variable options to consider for a budget bathroom remodel. Those with deep pockets can spend large sums on niche tiling, and special floor features such as heating. Having a large budget allows you to Get More Info about various tiling options and give you a well-rounded picture of what tiles would look best in the bathroom and as well as being most practical. A smaller budget can restrict tiling options. Having somewhat damaged tiling replaced may not be at the top of your list of priorities if you’re on a budget. However, your tiling is not only a stylistic element of your bathroom; it’s the barrier that traps water and moisture from leaking into your ceiling or foundation and causing water damage. Water damage can be destructive, and you will need to hire a company like ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba to do a proper clean up. If you leave it too long, you might end up spending more on repairs that the tiles would cost.

Budget Tip: If you want to save cash while also maintaining the integrity of your floor, discuss with your contractor alternative options such as linoleum or vinyl.

Fixture Installation

Fixtures tend to provide you with a lot of monetary leeway for a budget bathroom remodel. You can opt for basic toils, sinks, and tubs that provide necessary functions without any bells or whistles. For the most part, this choice can be tailored to what you can spend. However, it’s important that you’re getting your money’s worth from the contractor’s themselves, as proper installation of your fixtures is paramount for a successful remodel. Trying to save money by hiring inexperienced contractors is a recipe for disaster. If, for instance, your tub or shower isn’t properly sealed, you’ll be dealing with water leaks and other similar issues. This service in particular is that you usually get what you pay for, and taking a shortcut here may mean an uncomfortable and poorly function bathroom after the remodel


In a similar vein to what we just discussed, hiring inexperienced contractors to handle the plumbing of your budget bathroom remodel can spell disaster down the road. If during the remodel piping needs to be replaced or changed to fit new fixtures, you run the risk of serious issues if your contractor isn’t qualified to handle the plumbing job. It’s best to ask your friends and family if they know any good plumbers as you can trust their personal recommendations. You could also visit a website like moffettplumbing.com/areas-we-serve/plumber-huntington-beach-ca/ and check out some reviews from past customers to give you some peace of mind before you hire the plumber. The main thing is, you hire someone that you trust! When shopping contractors, ensure your prospective choice employs a Master Plumber on their team to reassure you that the internal workings of your home will be correct after the remodel is complete.

A budget bathroom remodel isn’t outside of the realm of possibility, and by working with a communicative and honest contractor, you may be surprised as to how you can stretch your wallet when opting for low cost fixtures and materials. However, do to the sensitive nature of home remodeling, it’s also crucial to ensue anything that you’re investing your hard earned money into is going to be done the right way.

Native Sons can bring your remodel goals to life. With an experienced team of qualified, ensured laborers, project managers, and specialists such as Master Plumbers and Master Electricians, we’ve left positive lasting impressions on clients all across the Baltimore and central Maryland. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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