Does your tiny bathroom feel dark and cramped? Do you wish you could expand it but don’t have the space? Luckily, there are a few sneaky tricks to making small spaces feel expansive. If you are still stuck on what to do, then why don’t you look at something like furniture in fashion’s bathroom ideas to give you some more inspiration – you could then see what would work using these sneaky tricks. If you’re thinking about having your bathroom remodeled, these are the methods we can use to transform your tiny restroom into a spacious oasis.

Use the Right Colors

If you don’t have a very large window, or any windows at all, your bathroom probably feels dark and dreary. White is the classic color of choice for many bathrooms because it easily reflects light, making the room seem brighter and bigger. Tiles, cabinets, and fixtures can all be white or shades of white. If you don’t like the idea of a white bathroom, you can also opt for light-colored, monochromatic tones, like light beige or a light bluish white.

Airy Vanities

A vanity is essential in the bathroom, but it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your limited bathroom real estate. Pedestal vanities don’t offer any storage, but they do take up a minimal amount of space while still serving as a place to rest your toothbrush. If you do need storage space, you can opt for a vanities that have open shelving, which makes the room look bigger. Or, you can choose a floating vanity, which is attached to the wall and doesn’t touch the floor, giving you extra floor space. If you’re not sure what furniture to buy, do some research on bathroom ideas and resources to get you started. You’ll soon have plenty of ideas!

Big Tiles

Gone are the days of tiny, intricate bathroom tiles! It may seem counterintuitive to put big tiles in a small bathroom, but bigger tiles actually have the psychological effect of making a space look bigger. This is because smaller tiles visually cut up the space into smaller sections, making the room look cluttered and busy. Large tiles don’t break up space the same way small tiles do. The expansiveness of the tiles will translate to the visual effect of your bathroom. Plus, you’ll have less grout to clean! When cleaning the grout, it can sometimes be easier to consider looking into companies offering grout cleaning melbourne, or somewhere more local to you. By using a professional company, there is more chance of the dirt being removed properly, keeping your bathroom looking clean and new.


Just like mirrors (which you should stock up on in your tiny bathroom!), glass showers have the effect of reflecting light and making a tiny bathroom feel bigger. If you currently have a bathtub in your bathroom, consider converting it to a walk-in shower. Not only will you feel like you’ve expanded your floor space, but the transparent quality of the glass will allow your eye to travel the entire expanse of the room.

Are you ready to leave the tiny bathroom lifestyle and embrace your bathroom’s big potential? Give us a call to set up a consultation!

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